Honing my skills at age three!

Off the grid cooking in Yosemite!

Off the grid cooking in Yosemite!

On the set of "Mandala" with Kristen White, Planted Cuisine's segment will be airing in the fall of 2015.

On the set of "Mandala" with Kristen White, Planted Cuisine's segment will be airing in the fall of 2015.

Food has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.

My family has an extensive history with healthy food and understanding the important role that food plays in our daily lives. My Mom and my Aunt had their own macrobiotic cafe before I was around and their passion for food has deeply influenced me from the time I could first peer over the stove.

I was raised on four and a half acres with over eighteen gardens brimming with organic vegetables, edible flowers and medicinal herbs. I understood from a young age the importance of fresh ingredients and the flavor profiles of a broad spectrum of plants and herbs.

At age eleven, I started my own organic, vegan dog biscuit baking business in my local community named "Dancin' Dog". I had my products placed in a handful of local stores and was expanding before I decided to focus elsewhere (baseball cards!).

In college I studied broadcast-journalism and once again experienced success in a new field. My time in broadcast journalism led me to many amazing places, people and stories. However, in the last couple of years, I realized that I missed my connection to nature and decided to study global sustainability at UCLA.

Through my studies at UCLA, I was connected with a local farm in Irvine, California called Alegría Farms (alegriafresh.com). It was here that I was able to get my hands back into the soil and reconnect with my food source. This experience -coupled with my switch to a fully plant-based diet- inspired me to take my culinary skills to a new level. A year later, I hosted my first popup dinner. I’ve been riding an incredible wave of support for my cooking ever since!

Outside of the kitchen, I’m also the co-founder of an organization I started with my Mom called A Meat Free Month (ameatfreemonth.org), whose mission is to end factory-farming through education and incredible plant-based food. We created a free 30-day program that provides free recipes, tips and support for those looking to explore a new lifestyle.

At the beginning of the year, I also joined the leadership team at Net Impact - LA. Net Impact is a leading nonprofit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world. I joined the Los Angeles chapter as the Digital Strategy Director to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations around the world.

-Loghan Call