At Planted Cuisine, our services go beyond the kitchen. As a company who firmly believes in the triple-bottom line approach to business (people, planet & profit), we offer a wide variety of services that includes sustainability consulting and educational services. Below is a general overview of services, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate in reaching out!


From small dinner parties at your house, to large weddings, we can accommodate nearly any request for catering services. The cuisine will also be seasonal and plant-based, beyond that, we will work with you to create the perfect menu for your event. We can accommodate any dietary restriction you, or a guest might have.

Want to experience the definition of a Planted Cuisine dinner? This is the option for you. A multi-course, plated dinner experience in which Chef Loghan and his team will guide you through a curated menu that focuses on hyper local, same-day harvested, and nutrient rich foods in an intimate setting. Usually a minimum of five courses, these dinners typically last at least two hours. As each course is brought out, Chef Loghan will describe the inspiration behind the dish, where the ingredients were sourced and the distinct health benefits the dish offers. 

Want to learn how to cook the beautiful dishes you see here on Planted Cuisine? We can make that happen! Whether it's just you, or a group of friends/family, we offer cooking classes tailored to your specific desires. Options include: learning the basics of flavor and seasonings, easy meal prep for busy bees, tackling a multi course extravaganza, or learning how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle!

Want to see and learn where your food comes from? Join Chef Loghan for a tour of a local farm, or farmer's market! This is the best way to learn about the critical part in eating healthy, properly sourcing your ingredients from the highest quality producers. Planted Cuisine has relationships with farms throughout the Southern California region, and can take you on a personal tour to get a first-hand look at how your food is grown, meet the hands tending to all the fresh veggies and learn from the best in the field.

Farmer's Market tours are also an option! Join Chef Loghan for a trip to one of the local markets! Be ready to get up early (the best produce goes quick!) and explore the vast options at your local market. Pair this with a cooking class and you have a perfect day!

Interested in learning more about a plant-based lifestyle but don't know where to start? You're not alone and the best way to jump in, is to talk with someone who's been there before! We're here to answer any questions you might have, including creating shopping lists, converting your favorite recipes to a plant-based version and any other topics you might want to cover!

Have a business, idea or restaurant that you'd like to incorporate sustainable food practices into? We're here to help! We consult with individuals and companies on sustainability issues related to food. This can range from printing, to composting and menu development. Chef Loghan Call recently graduated from UCLA's Sustainability Management program and is well versed in helping businesses transition into a more sustainable future.