Along with our food service and education offerings, Planted Cuisine is partners with Alchemy Farms. Located in pristine Maple City, Michigan Alchemy Farms is an organic farm using heirloom seeds planted with biodynamic rhythms of Nature. Radiant edible flowers and medicinal herbs are grown here, and overseen by certified herbalist, chef and nutritionist Naomi Call.

Naomi is also the creator of Flower Salt and Rose Salt. She combines a mineral rich combination of Himalayan Salt and Mediterranean Salt with flowers grown on the farm. The Flower Salt may contain petals from over a dozen different edible and medicinal flowers bringing the full spectrum of colors into the salt. The Rose Salt is infused with red rose petals and brings in the beauty, and for many, the soft aroma of roses.

For more information on purchasing flower salts for your home or shop please contact Naomi directly at:


Elevate your culinary creations…

alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination...

At Alchemy Farms we also create: medicinal herbal bouquets, edible bouquets and edible blossoms by the package to bring magic, color & beauty ~ to your everyday life, or to elevate your most precious and life changing moments.

Our flowers are grown with care for the soil and we never use any chemicals or sprays. Flowers make everything more magical simply by their elegant and often whimsical presence. At Alchemy Farms we believe enjoying beautiful flowers and being wise stewards of the land hand and hand.


We are available to work with you, your event planner, or caterer to make every occasion more magical, colorful and exquisitely beautiful…. from birthdays to passings, engagement surprises to weddings….organic local flowers will enhance those moments.

Our bouquets can be chosen by you, or hand picked for you. You can email us with your questions and special order requests.


Alchemy Farms is on a mission to bring more color, beauty and harmony to our community and to nourish your body, mind and spirit. You eat with your eyes first. And it is true, we are what we eat…so why not explore the wonder of eating some of the most beautiful and glorious foods on our planet…flowers.

We know that consuming foods from a rainbow palette of colors brings a spectrum of nutrients. Adding flowers can also bring a spectrum of energies and tastes that are simply not available in any other foods. Most people have no idea how wide the variety of flavors are within flowers.


So, if you’ve only tried nasturtiums...which are spicy, you are in for a treat. From delicately sweet borage blossoms, bee balm and bachelor’s buttons to every color of zinnia we have a medley of colors and flavors!! Most flowers are consumed by simply eating petals.

It’s important to note that not all flowers are edible. Commercially grown flowers should never be consumed. The commercial cut flower industry is one of the most toxic industries. It is laden with chemicals and taking a toll on our environment.

We aspire to herald in a new paradigm with our flower choices and we invite you to experience the magic of Alchemy Farms.

When you purchase edible flower blossoms we recommend that you pluck the petals when you are ready to serve your dish. Please keep them refrigerated until you are going to consume them.

Flavors vary greatly even within one type of flower, depending on the weather and their color you will find variation. There truly is nothing like eating a salad adorned with a spectrum of radiant colors.

We hope you enjoy some soon! Package contents naturally vary in assortments and colors. Some of the flowers we grow are pictured here….Enjoy!


Thank you!