Working in partnership with local farmers, our goal is to inspire an re-connection with food that is healthy (and delicious!) for us now, and future generations to come.


What exactly is good for us? What should I be eating and who should I be listening to? It’s a question that many of us are asking in an ever evolving culinary landscape. It's also a question that I'm actively hoping to answer with every event, experience and dinner I curate. 

My guiding principle is to work with the best local farmers and let their hard work speak for itself as much as possible. When it comes to my creating menus, I start with a few basic guidelines:

Source my ingredients as local as possible.
The nutrient benefits of vegetables are largely dictated by: the quality of the seeds, the soil in which they grown, the care of the farmer and how recently it was harvested. Thanks to some incredible partnerships with local farms such as Alegria Farms, I’m able to walk the land, see the produce and select what I want to use that day. This process ensures that each bite you take is loaded with the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive.

I minimize the use of processed & gluten products.
While I like a good piece of toast as much as the next person, we know that cutting down on gluten and processed foods is better for our health. Most of my popup dinners do not include gluten or processed items. If I do use them, I source them from the highest quality vendors possible.

Practice moderation.
Regardless of diet, practicing balance is critical in moving toward a sustainable future. In each of my meals, I rely on the wealth of options available to us and showcase foods that aren’t as well known.

Be creative.
There are endless possibilities in the kitchen, and it’s my goal to express these opportunities in every course. It’s my intention that you’ll walk away from a dinner seeing ingredients you’ve used before, in a whole new light.

At each dinner, it’s my goal to rejuvenate and restore our body, mind and spirit. I invite everyone to immerse themselves in the experience of nourishing oneself through food. Each course has a purpose, health benefit and story behind it. The idea is to reconnect you with the food you are eating.

My culinary influences are ever-expanding; each menu is crafted from scratch and is meant to be experienced as a journey from appetizer to dessert. I start with what is available from the local farms and allow the vegetables to inspire the direction of the dinner.

Before each dinner I serve, I talk about my inspiration for the meal, honor the hands that grew the meal and share my philosophy much like I’ve done here. I see each dinner as an opportunity to create a culinary experience that shows how working in harmony with nature -on the farm and in the kitchen- is not just good for the individual and planet…but our tastebuds as well!
Why plant-based cuisine?

About a year ago I made the transition to a plant-based diet. Over the course of my life I’ve been a vegetarian, omnivore and settled on a plant-based diet.

The reasons for my lifestyle are wide-ranging. The more research I did into our agriculture systems -particularly the animal production aspect- led me to the realization that we have failed as a society to understand the truly destructive nature of our food system. Animal production is at the top of a long list of unsustainable and unethical practices.

Reading about the exploitation of animals gave me an opportunity to look within myself and ask whether or not I was okay with the concept of eating another living being. After a lot of reflection, I realized that I could not physically kill another animal to satisfy my tastebuds.

We’ve arrived at a place in our evolution (a place humans have been before, under different circumstances and reasons), where we don’t need animal protein to flourish as a species. Since I’ve switched to a plant-based diet, I’ve experienced culinary delights I hadn’t even considered before.

Regardless of my choices, I have nothing but respect and compassion for the lifestyle others choose to live. I ate meat for many years of my life without giving a thought about how the burger I was eating actually got to my plate. It is my intention that through the events that I host, I’m able to inspire guests to make more conscious choices moving forward. I believe that the most powerful shift we will see in our food system will occur when people are able to reconnect with the food they eat.

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
— Thomas Edison