For the first year and a select few dinners over the last few, I've given guests the opportunity to provide feedback and review their experience. Here's some of the feedback received from various dinner experiences.


"The food was incredible. I've been slow but steady in embracing a plant-based diet and this is definitely an enriching and life-changing experience. THANK YOU."


"Amazing - Inspired. Really opened my eyes to what I can do. How important community is...know the true meaning of farm to table!"


“This was a wonderful experience, start to finish. Great conversation, great food, informative too. It has moved me to think more about food issues and to eat better. I’d definitely do this again. Thank you Loghan! Big Success.”


“This was a classy event all the way. The timing of the courses was perfect. I love the explanation of each course, I’ve never thought of the nutritional content of my food before.”


This popup dinner was the best, most present, holistically nourishing eating experience. The ingredients were filled with highest vibrations and I could feel it was totally pumped with love & intention, beautiful presentation.

“Such a wonderful meal! I love all the flavors, colors and differences between all the dishes.”


“Everything was amazing! I had never really had beets before, but that dish turned out to be my favorite!”


“Thank you for inviting us. Very impressive! Looking forward to see how this continues to evolve. Will be back for sure!”


“It was amazing! Thank you! Beautiful presentation, delicious flavors, great all around!”


“Thank you so much for creating an amazing, filling and extremely tasty meal. I love what you’re doing. Keep inspiring people to eat healthier foods with your delicious food.”


“I love the intention of the host, which showed in all the delicious flavors, textures and colors. Truly a fantastic experience!”


“I really enjoyed the entire experience, and I really appreciate your vision and what you are doing.”


“I had an amazing meal. Everything was very thought out and carefully crafted. Beautifully designed, and all very delicious.”


“I’ve never been so excited to be vegan!”


“Incredible. Best meal I’ve ever eaten. So much care and detail.”