At Planted Cuisine, we are in a stage of growth. As the momentum for regenerative practices, “food as medicine” and eating local continues to skyrocket in popularity, we are focused on how to stay at the front edge of the movement. In this light, we are working on a building a larger, permanent location for a regenerative food future. If you are interested in learning more about our long term plans, please reach out.

In the meantime, please see below for our current list of services offered.


Chef Loghan and the Planted Cuisine team is available for consultation on the topics of regenerative food/farming, food system design, community development, political support, integrative medicine/medical community and more. If you are interested in learning more, or integrating practices outlined on our site, please get in touch with us. Our primary goal is to bring you the resources and knowledge you need in the realm of regenerative food, farming and health for success on the project/vision you are working on.

Public pop up dinners, experiences & events

Available to do public events of all different types. We are often creating a wide variety of events throughout our community, which are announced and promoted through our social media platforms and email updates.

Private events, catering, experiences & retreats

Available to create any culinary experience you can dream of! From private dinners, to unique regenerative dinner experiences to retreats, wedding and beyond! Our team has the experience and creativity to design and execute the dream experience you have in mind.

Education & cooking classes

Education is key! We are here to help you create the foods you want to create…yourself! Our approach to education is unique. We want to teach you how to cook intuitively. Instead of showing you how t make a certain recipe and providing you the recipe to take home, we want to give you the skills to cook on your own, without needing a recipe. We believe that in order for you to have long term success in the kitchen it has to be fun and we’ve found that in order for cooking to be fun, you must have the tools to execute without a parachute (recipe). Our classes cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the building blocks of flavor, to knife skills to how to build your own recipes from scratch. We can show you anything you’d like in the kitchen, but know our approach is to give you the tools and techniques to become a true cook in the kitchen.

We offer classes in person, in your home, as a group and/or online via video conferencing.


Chef Loghan has various presentations available to give to audiences of any size.

These topics include:

  • Understanding our food history and how it has evolved to its current form and the impact it has.

  • What a regenerative food future looks like and how a systems approach is able to answer the economic, environmental and human health crises we are currently facing.

  • Menu of the future: going over how menu’s can look moving forward and the impact of a net-positive menu can have on your bottom line, community and health of your consumers.

  • Connecting the farmer, chef and physician in a symbiotic relationship for community longevity and health.

These are a few of the example of presentations available. Chef Loghan is passionate about connecting the dots that exist within food, community, health care, farming and our economic future. He is happy to help craft the perfect presentation for the group/event you are creating.

Menu development

Working on a new menu that wants to incorporate regenerative, plant-based food concepts? Our team is available as a consultant to help with all aspects. Potential areas we can help: general philosophy, optimal health, hyper local, food waste, seasonal menus as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage menu development.