Below is the list of services Chef Loghan and Planted Cuisine offers, prices varies greatly and we do everything possible to accommodate any budget. If you're interested in working with us and would like a quote, please contact us!

We are working toward opening what we have dubbed “the restaurant of the future”; a true regenerative restaurant that will aim to be a model for what a restaurant can and should be in a community. That said, we are only committed to a brick and mortar location if it can be done right, and truly regenerative. This will require the right partners and investors. If you are interested in this concept, please reach out to us as we are actively talking with community members about this vision.

Public pop up dinners, experiences & events:

Available to do public events of all different types. We are often creating a wide variety of events throughout our community, which are announced and promoted through our social media platforms and email updates.

Private events, catering, experiences & retreats:

Available to create any culinary experience you can dream of! From private dinners, to unique regenerative dinner experiences to retreats, Our team has the experience and creativity to design and execute the dream experience you have in mind.

Cooking classes:

Education is key! We are here to help you create the foods you want to create…yourself! Whether it’s one on one or a group, we are happy to show you how to craft plant-based, regenerative food magic in your own home/space! 

Presentation: Our Food History and How It Can Translate Into a Regenerative Future

Chef Loghan has been working on putting together an intensive presentation that dives into our food history, discusses the dramatic changes in our food system after World War II and the impacts it has had on our current system. It ends with a look into our future and the steps needed -including ones we can take in our daily lives- for a regenerative food system moving forward.

This presentation is done in person as a three part series or as a whole with plenty of time for discussion during and after. You can learn more about this presentation on our site!

Menu development:

Working on a new menu that wants to incorporate regenerative, plant-based food concepts? Our team is available as a consultant to help in any regard, from a general philosophy standpoint, down to recipes for specific dishes.