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Naomi Call - Nutritionist, Herbalist & Wellness Consultant

Naomi Call is an international teacher, best selling author, certified herbalist, chef, gardener and Loghan Call’s mom. She has worked in the healing arts for over 35 years. Her journey with food was quite unplanned and began in college.

She had started working at a cafe to help with expenses, and also, had just become vegetarian because of her roommates. Naomi unexpectedly found it challenging to handle and prepare meat dishes. She asked her manager if she could make anything other than meat dishes. Her manager let her bake and start vegetarian dishes. Her natural ability, or desperation to make something else, took off beyond everyone’s expectations.

Naomi was soon elevated to manager and from there asked to manage and design another cafe. She was beginning to see that making food was incredibly creative but more importantly, it was deeply rewarding. People were beginning to heal cancer with their food choices and seeing food as medicine for the first time. 

She moved to Pittsburgh where she and her sister opened the first macrobiotic cafe which became an award winning restaurant in the city. Naomi went on to co-direct two macrobiotic centers, and work as the Nutritional Director at leading chronic pain rehabilitation centers while also teaching and working privately with countless people. 

Her love of flowers and necessity to raise cash as a single mom led her into her first encounters with growing food, edible flowers, and herbs over 25 years ago. The delight of adorning wedding cakes with borage blossoms and Bachelor’s Buttons, or salads filled with weeds from her yard was a passion that she personally found deeply nourishing. 

As a new resident to Northern Michigan she is looking forward to doing a lot more farming and hands on experience with growing herbs and edible flowers…”as there is so much we have yet to learn from Nature.”


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Erik Cutter - Soil, Nutrient Density & Biology Consultant 

Erik Cutter is Managing Director of Alegría Fresh, located in Irvine, CA. Alegría Fresh is a zero-waste, solar-powered one-acre high performance urban micro-farm employing hydro-organic and hybrid soil-based growing systems. Erik has over 35 years experience growing superior nutrient-rich produce using hydroponic and organic techniques and is a leading pioneer in developing cost effective growing systems that can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work.

He has a background in Biochemistry and Oncology, and possesses a lifelong passion for creating haute cuisine using the finest ingredients, most of which he grows himself. Mr. Cutter’s mission is to create greater awareness of the numerous health benefits of consuming fresh, locally-grown food. The company's goals include connecting individuals with where their food comes from and how it should be grown, influencing positive change in resource management, teaching healthy eating habits, promoting entrepreneurship programs and creating jobs in urban agriculture.