Our time with the Grow Benzie Food Truck has come to a close as of the end of October. We are so grateful for the incredible support and love for our food over the course of the summer. We are actively working on building on the momentum from the summer into an exciting new project, please stay tuned for more details!

Chef Loghan is bringing local food to the forefront in the Grow Benzie food truck for the 2018 growing season!

The Grow Benzie food truck will feature an ever changing menu that honors the best local produce and products from our farms and businesses in the Northern Michigan region.

Chef Loghan Call is in the beginning stages of starting his own food company, Planted Cuisine, which is committed to helping create a localized regenerative food system in the region. Being picked as the food truck manager at Grow Benzie has created the perfect opportunity to engage with our communities throughout the region.

Success from Loghan’s perspective is to see our communities make food the number one priority in our lives once again. After cooking throughout Southern California, and Southern Missouri, Loghan chose Northern Michigan as the place to land and build the model for a regenerative food system in large part due to the diverse and passionate food and farming community established in the region.

The food that Loghan and his team will be slinging is street food with seasonality and nutrient densi- ty in mind. Chef Loghan believes that we can achieve optimal health in part, through mindful eating practices while enjoying the delicious flavors and foods. The first step in creating the menu’s you will soon see, was establishing personal relationships with all of the local farmers and producers who share the same commitment toward building a localized, regenerative food system.

You won’t see avocados on the menu, or tomatoes until tomato season. Loghan is committed to edu- cating and inspiring customers to enjoy the produce that is currently in season and appreciate the vast diversity of crops grown in the area. If a particular vegetable or product is no longer available locally, it will be off the menu and replaced by one that is.

99% of all produce will be sourced within the local region. 90% of all dried goods will be sourced within Michigan. Only a select handful of products such as grains and rice will be sourced out of state, and even then, Loghan is committed to sourcing from producers using regenerative practices and/or perennial production as close to the Mitten state as possible.

Along with its committed to our local economy, the menu will be entirely plant-based. While Loghan believes that meat will continue to play a role in the local region, there are few people out there who don’t recognize the urgent need to bring vegetables and grains to the forefront of our food choices. By only providing plant-based offerings, the idea is to force our hands a bit to experience how delicious an entire meal can be without animal products of any kind.

You can reach Chef Loghan directly at: loghan@growbenzie.org

Please check out our calendar so you can meet us on the road! LINK: Grow Benzie Food Truck Schedule