Planted Cuisine Chef's Tasting Dinner 5.19.2018


Join us in Maple City at our beautiful farm house and property for a five course chef's tasting dinner experience! Our chef's tasting dinner's are a chance for us to try new concepts and flavors while providing an affordable price point. These dinners tend to be a little more informal then other event's we do. 

Dinner will be from 6:30-8pm(ish). Please arrive between 6-6:20pm to ensure everyone sits down together at 6:30pm.

There will be five courses. During dinner Chef Loghan will discuss each dish, health benefits of certain ingredients, sourcing, and inspiration behind the creation of the dish. 

Dinner is $30. There will also be the option to add local wine grown with soil health in mind for $15 per person. This will include a full pour of white & red to be served with the first (white) and third (red) course of the meal. The two glasses will be the maximum. We believe that indulgence is best in moderation!

Dinner will conclude around 8:30pm. Usually, there is always great conversations taking place and we welcome you to relax in our home into the night! That said, we have multiple housemates and a great dog! Our house is also our community, please know that they may join us after dinner concludes. 

Please find the links to purchase tickets below. Advance purchase is necessary and refunds will only be accepted 48 hour prior to dinner.

Questions? Contact Us!


Tickets are $30-45 per person*.

Seating will be inside.

Directions to our property will be emailed to the account used after payment is received. 


*Please note that prices are on a suggested donation basis. All donations from the evening will be invested into building a localized regenerative food system in our region.