Building community is at the root of everything we do at Planted Cuisine. In a polarized, disconnected world, we believe that food is one of the few mediums left that can bring people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ideologies to the table. Building community is also at the root of a regenerative food system. Gathering, listening and understanding one another is a critical step in bringing our communities and world together again.

We believe in staying away from politics. In fact, as a business, we take the opposite approach. We believe that it is incredibly important to discuss current events and affairs. We seek to be a platform in which important, heated topics can be discussed and debated. We strive to be a leader in our community in bringing people together, creating a safe space where anyone can voice their opinion respectfully and receive the same in return.

It is with this vision in mind, that many of our community events are inspired by. If we want to revolutionize our food system, then we must be willing to discuss and debate any issue as food is -whether we like it or not- as political as it gets.

As we learn, receive feedback and grow as a member of our community, so will are community offerings and actions taken as a business.

Our first swing at creating a more conscious, understanding and well-informed community is our Dinner, Debate & Discourse event series. We are taken direct aim at the lack of civil debate in this country. This event series will be available to all members of our community, and aims to jump start the return of civil discourse in our community. It’s a suggested donation event that includes a healthy dinner that enables you to take a night to engage with your community, learn and have access to a healthy dinner during the work week!

This is our first step. We are excited about many more initiatives, partnerships and events that we are working on and will be announcing soon.

Have an idea? Want to collaborate? If you believe in making our community, and world a better place to live we want to work together! Contact us.

MAD Symposium in Copenhagen, 2018.