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The Plant Kingdom Cooking Series: Class 2 Building Flavor

In our second class we will focus on understanding the building blocks of flavor and how, when and where to utilize them within any recipe.

About this Event

Understanding the building blocks and steps to flavor a dish is one of the keys to creative cooking on your own without a recipe. Being able to taste a dish, sauce or soup and recognizing what is needed to make it taste amazing unlocks a whole new world in the kitchen.

In this class, join Chef Loghan to learn about the basic building blocks of flavor and cooking techniques that will give you the knowledge you need to never encounter another bland or bad tasting meal again!

We will discuss how fat, acid, heat, spice, sugar, bitter, salt and umami all play different roles and how and when to combine them in a dish.


Come for one, multiple, or come for all! A Cooking class series designed to inspire creativity within the Plant Kingdom. All Classes 100% plant based.

This cooking class series is all about learning how to be creative in the kitchen with vegetables. It's one thing to follow a recipe, but to truly unlock freedom (and fun!) in the kitchen, learning the building blocks to being able to cook just about anything is key!

This is the inspiration behind the series. We will focus on each aspect needed to start whipping up your own dishes without needing to follow any recipe. And of course, the emphasis is all bout vegetables, often seen as a bit trickier than simply putting a piece of meat on the grill, we will do a deep dive in understanding how to cook with and make vegetable delicious for the entire family!

You can come to any number of classes, this series will repeat in September so if you miss some now, you can always fill in the gaps in the fall!

$25/class per person $180/series

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